Small Groups

Please check with church, as some of these groups change venue or dont exist.



PRE-SERVICE PRAYER MEETING A number of people like to meet and pray before church on Sunday mornings. The meeting is held in the creche.



MORNING PRAYER See Monday. KEENAGERS meet fortnightly on the alternate Tuesday to Prayer of Israel and is led by Lee Farrow. Keenagers recognises that, although we may not have the strength and vitality of youth, God still has work for us to do and that He has placed us where we are for His purposes. Fellowship and encouragement is a big part of the group.

TUESDAY NIGHT PRAYER MEETING Prayer has become a major part of what we do in this church. After two years of our weekday morning meetings, Lee came and told me she felt that the Tuesday night meeting needed to be restarted. he group meet at Lee Farrow's at 7pm each Tuesday evening. (There is also prayer before church on Sunday).

(cancelled) PASTOR'S BIBLE STUDY is 7 p.m. at the church and is aimed at strengthening our relationship with God by looking deeper into His Word. This study is a great way to learn what the scriptures really tells us about God and about ourselves.

See Monday. PRAYER FOR ISRAEL meet fortnightly at 10 o'clock to pray for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Led by Bob Sage, and based on Psalm 122:6, PFI help the church to remember that we are "grafted in" and that, although we are gentiles, we worship the Jewish God.


MORNING PRAYER See Monday. SUMMERSET BIBLE READING At 11 o'clock most Thursday mornings we hold a Bible reading in the care section at Summerset by the Sea in Park Road. We read an old favourite Bible Story and talk about how we can still live out its truths.

(cancelled) YOUNG ADULTS BIBLE STUDY meet weekly on a Thursday evening. Bible study, fellowship and prayer are the main ingredients of this group where different members get to lead the group each week and share their insights from the Word of God

MEN'S SHED meet fortnightly on a Thursday evening, led by Dave Sherriff, one of the church elders. Shed's purpose is to grow the men of the church into a band of brothers who are able to "fight the good fight" together and to mature in their faith to the "stature of the fullness of Christ" (Eph 4:13)


MORNING PRAYER See Monday. WAIHI BEACH HOME GROUP ​For those who live beyond the northern end of Katikati Dory George holds a weekly meeting of prayer and study.